HTV Labs Heat Transfer Sheets HTV Lab Assorted Pack of 13
HTV Labs Heat Transfer Sheets HTV Lab Blue/White/Black/Red Pack of 10
HTV Labs Heat Transfer Sheets HTV Lab Black & White Pack of 10
HTV Labs Heat Transfer Sheets HTV Lab
HTV Labs Heat Transfer Sheets HTV Lab

Heat Transfer 12" X 12" Sheets

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Start Designing Like a Pro Today!


What makes HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl so great? Our vinyl is like none other... Our vinyl is made with the finest material to allow our customers to feel confident when washing and drying their creations. Our vinyl is easy to weed just peel it off in seconds with no damage to your creations. HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl also has an easy application process and will not snag when removing the plastic film!


✔ Easy to Weed - Our vinyl is guaranteed to cut and weed better than your traditional vinyl. This provides a more professional outcome for your designs.

✔ Seamless Transfer - We have engineered our vinyl with an instant bonding solution to allow you to save time when transferring your designs

 Waterproof Bonding Solution - All our vinyl comes with a waterproof coating to ensure a safe wash and dry without peeling.

How to use HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  • Create Your Design
  • Insert your vinyl in your t-shirt making machine
  • Cut around your design you have just created
  • Locate the corner of your design and start weeding
  • Lay your design down on the fabric (Make sure all wrinkles are out of the shirt before applying)
  • Make sure the steam setting is turned off

Apply the iron on to the design for 40-70 seconds depending on the thickness of the material


Product Specifications

SIZE:    12in x 6ft

WEIGHT:  8.2 Ounces 



TRANSFER TIME: 20 - 40 Seconds



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